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Talking about myself, talking to myself?

2012-02-14 14:39:51 by Araaon

Hi everyone I'm new here and I dont think many peoples will look my account but, if someone do, he must know who write that. So I'm talking here about myself.
I was born in November 1999, in Paris. I still in Paris, and talk French (and, a little English, but I haven't got a fantastic teacher for the moment). I learn it with games and comments I read and play.
About games: I play many flash games because there's lot of variety (I now know many awesome flash games); I also like RPG games, but I leave them pretty quickly. I play Platform Racing lot of years ; I still playing it sometimes. I like that games because you create your own world. Don't talk to me about Minecraft Megaupload crash the day I try to upload it (rage).
That was games.

First you must know the thing I prefer is Fantasy.

I like read Fantasy book (I have read so much that now I can write text in French very well), and I also have a preference for Fantasy Image, proof on my icon and user image.

Second thing you must know is... I LOVE MUSIC ! I listen many style of music, and I for the moment listen to trance/techno; I also listen to rock, classical, pop...

That's it !